Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Shred UP Licensed Insured & Bonded?
Yes, Shred UP is licensed by the N.Y.C. B.I.C. We have a liability insurance of $1,000,000. We only employ individuals with the highest level of integrity. All employees are uniformed and wear a Shred UP issued ID.

2. Can I bring my material to you?
Yes, you can call our office at 718.234.1313, if any of our trucks are in your area we can arrange that you can drop off your documents at the truck.

3. Can we choose a pickup date
No, although we try to accommodate, we arrange our routes to be done as economically as possible, which means we service certain areas on certain days. In case of emergency we will help in every way possible to accomplish the pickup.

4. Does our material have to be in boxes?
Although it is recommended it is not mandatory, your material may be gathered in bags, boxes, plastic containers or in the file cabinets.

5. Do I get to keep my boxes?
Yes. The boxes are yours to reuse, we'll take good care of them, so that they don't get damaged.

6.Does Shred UP provide secure Bins/Cabinets?
Yes. Every recurring customer will get as many Bins/Cabinets they need.

7. Is it ok to leave on paper clips, rubber bands & metal binders?
Yes, you do not have to bother removing them.

8. What size does the paper get shredded to?
5x5 cm. A Sample can be viewed here.

9. Is there anything you don't shred that I should know about?
Our machines are designed to destroy every kind of paper and paper products, however, shredding companies main source of profit comes from selling their load to paper mills, colorful material will greatly diminish the value of the load, such as: colored file folder, colored books and magazines etc…However if you have colored sensitive material, you should destroy it. Plastic material such as: plastic bags, x-rays and film, metal such as: corporate stamps, staplers and general office products that by mistake might make its way into the shredding pile, should not go into the shredder. If you're not sure about certain items you may always call our office or ask the driver onsite.

10. Can I watch my paper as they're being destroyed?
Yes. We invite you to come watch the entire process. Our mobile shredding trucks are equipped with a video monitor system that allows you and the driver both to watch your documents as they are being destroyed.

11. Do your drivers touch our material?
No, but our drivers constantly look at the material to make certain there are no foreign objects going into the shredder. Soem of the items we have found include pens, rulers, mugs, staplers, glass picture frames, eye glasses and other items that do not need to be shredded and are harmful to the machines. They will be removed before they go into the shredder. (Please make sure to check your material for these objects, the customer can be liable for negligence.)

12. What happens if the bin is full before the pre-determined date?
Just give us a call; we'll come to you right away, many times within the same day.

13. Do you provide a certificate of destruction?
Yes, at the end of every destruction job, a certificate of destruction is issued stating the date and time your documents were destroyed.

14. Why can't I find pricing on your website?
Because there are too many factors that may affect the quote of a job, for example the location, quantity and frequency are all factors in determining a fee. Please ask one of our customer service representatives for details.

15. Do you offer residential pickups?

16. Are there any hidden fees, really?
No, at Shredup we do not charge any other fees, such as fuel surcharge, cabinet fees, or any other fees, the price you our quoted is the price you will pay.

17. Do you charge sales tax?
No. We only collect sales tax and then give it over to the IRS.

18. Is ShredUp a NAID AAA Certified Company?
We are a proud member of NAID and we have been awarded their highest ranking of AAA Certification for our ON-SITE services (we are not NAID AAA Certified for OFF-SITE at this time)!

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